Pet Reproductive Health

At Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic in Windom, MN, we understand the importance of ensuring your pet’s reproductive health. Our experienced veterinarians provide comprehensive reproductive health services to help keep your pet happy and healthy.

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Pet Reproductive Health Services

Preventative Care
Regular reproductive health exams are essential for preventing and detecting potential issues early. During these exams, our veterinarians assess your pet’s reproductive organs for abnormalities and provide recommendations for maintaining their health.

Spaying and Neutering
Spaying and neutering prevent unwanted litters and offer numerous health benefits for your pet. These procedures can reduce the risk of certain cancers and behavioral issues and help control the pet population.

Breeding Consultations
We can provide valuable guidance and support if you consider breeding your pet. We’ll help you understand the responsibilities and risks associated with breeding and ensure that your pet is in optimal health for breeding.

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Key Services Offered

  • Comprehensive Exams: Our veterinarians perform thorough reproductive health exams to assess your pet’s overall health and detect potential issues.

  • Spaying and Neutering: We offer safe and effective spaying and neutering procedures to help control the pet population and promote your pet’s health.
  • Breeding Management: We provide comprehensive breeding management services, from pre-breeding health evaluations to pregnancy care and delivery assistance, to support responsible breeding practices.
  • Fertility Testing: We offer fertility testing for male and female pets to assess their reproductive health and identify any factors affecting their breeding ability.
  • Pregnancy Care: If your pet is pregnant, we’ll provide the care and support they need to ensure a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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