Pet In-House
Laboratory Work

At Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic in Windom, MN, we offer comprehensive pet care services, including in-house laboratory work. Our facility has advanced diagnostic tools and technologies to provide timely and accurate results for your pet’s health needs.

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Advanced Diagnostics for Your Pet

Timely Results
Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform various diagnostic tests, including bloodwork, urinalysis, and fecal analysis, with quick turnaround times. This means less waiting for you and faster treatment for your pet.

Accurate Diagnosis
With advanced diagnostic equipment and experienced technicians, we ensure your pet receives the most accurate diagnosis possible. This allows us to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to your pet’s needs.

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Laboratory Services Offered

  • Comprehensive Bloodwork: Our in-house laboratory can perform complete blood counts (CBC), chemistry panels, and other blood tests to assess your pet’s overall health and detect underlying medical conditions.

  • Urinalysis: We can analyze your pet’s urine for signs of infection, kidney disease, diabetes, and other urinary tract issues.
  • Fecal Analysis: Our laboratory can test your pet’s stool for parasites, bacteria, and other gastrointestinal abnormalities.
  • Cytology: We can examine cells from lumps, bumps, or other abnormalities to help diagnose skin conditions, tumors, and more.
  • Heartworm Testing: We offer heartworm testing to detect this potentially deadly parasite early and prevent serious health complications.

Why Choose Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic?

  • Convenience: Our in-house laboratory allows you to get fast and accurate test results without waiting for an outside lab.

  • Compassionate Care: Our team is dedicated to providing you and your pet compassionate care throughout the diagnostic process.
  • Experienced Staff: Our veterinarians and technicians have years of experience in veterinary medicine and are skilled in performing and interpreting diagnostic tests.
  • Comprehensive Services: In addition to in-house laboratory work, we offer a wide range of veterinary services under one roof to meet your pet’s health needs.

Schedule Your Pet’s Diagnostic Testing Today

Ensure your pet’s health and well-being with advanced diagnostic testing at Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for in-house laboratory work and give your pet the quality care they deserve.